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About Us

Welcome to Legal House,

Legal House is among Vietnam’s most prominent full-service law firms, with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We provide a full range of legal services  including but not limited to advising on dispute resolution (including arbitration), conducting legal due diligence investigations and structuring M&A, issuing Vietnamese legal opinions on various matters, registration and setting up of companies, branch offices and representative offices as well as handling applications for diversified licenses, permits and approvals. With practice groups spanning all areas such as investment, banking, finance labour, real estate and tax to marriage and litigation, Legal House has gained a reputation for providing comprehensive, high-quality legal services to our international and local client base.

We are not only experts in legal fields, but also extremely knowledgeable about culture, region’s customs and what businesses want. Moreover, Legal House has good relations and friendly corporations with State agencies, which give us the advantages of understanding to solve legal obstacles that our clients encounter in the most effective ways.  


With our motto, we believe that by satisfying all clients’ demand, we can build and consolidate the sustainable faith in them.  

Our Vision

Integrity, dedication and service. Upholding the integrity of the US legal system along with information of all our past and present clients, while providing the best service to our clients.

Our Mission

To help families, businesses and students with latest news and updates, before they take their first step and start a new life.